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We've been working hard to make our classes as safe as possible

We have a very detailed risk assessment based on all the Government Guidance, you can read below some key points. 


The main changes to ensure we are Covid Secure are:

  1. Masks must be worn be everyone who can wear them safely.  Available to buy form us for 30p each. 

  2. Reusable visors are available to buy from us and will cost £2.50 each.  Although not mandatory, if you aren't able to wear a mask then we recommend trying a visor as this will provide both you and the rest of the students with some protection. 

  3. Our teachers will trial wearing visors and removing masks during demonstrations to aid communication.

  4. We have invested in air purification units with virus killing catalysts to use during classes.

  5. We also have a  disinfectant fogging machine to use between classes to keep us all as safe as possible.

  6. We will also keep doors and windows open as much as possible to encourage natural ventilation.

  7. We will trial a one way system and at busy movement times, at the start and the end, we will invite people to come and go one at a time.

  8. We have changed the seating plan to remove face to face positions.

  9. We'd like you to place outer garments and handbags in a large carrier bag Bags for Life under the table, rather than communal coat hooks or backs of chairs. 

  10. For our busiest classes we will be looking at ways to spread people out by using a combination of more rooms and offering new lesson times for people to spread out into. 

  11. Sanitiser for hands and Dettol for equipment will be freely available for use in class.

  12. Unfortunately we aren't able to serve drinks or biscuits for the time being. You are welcome to bring your own.  Please bring drinks in a travel mug with a lid / bottle of water.  Please eat snack outside making sure to sanitise your hands before and after.  The Cafe is also available for takeaway drinks and food. 

  13. Toilets are open and limited to 1 person/household at time, and as I write this there is a supervised queuing system set up and they are thoroughly cleaned hourly. 

  14. If you'd really like to join us but just don't feel able to for personal safely reasons we understand.  We are looking into Zooming the demos and live classes so that students can join us from their own houses.  And sending out recorded videos if live stream doesn't appeal.  We feel this will be especially useful if people are in unplanned quarantine from a holiday or isolating due to track and trace instructions or a local lockdown only affecting parts of Derbyshire. 

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