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Minoan Mosaic Studio had now merged with Art in the Park and all the workshop reservations and private bookings will be made through the same booking system.

If you are interested in booking a mosaic workshop, we start our prices at £15 per person for primary school children for one hour and a half and £55 per adult for 4 hours workshops.

*minimum participants number apply  

For private adult mosaic classes we will send you a quote based on your workshop request. To help us send you a workshop quote please answer the following questions:

1. What is the size of your group?

2. What sort of level of expertise do you require your workshop?  

3. What is the age of you participants?

4. What is the choice of mosaic materials you require?

5. Is your workshop an individual project or a group mosaic?

6. Is your mosaic project intended for indoor or outdoor use?

7. Do you want your project grouted or not?

8. What is the ideal length of your workshop?

9. Can you tell us about your organisation and budget?

10. Do you want to come to our studio or are we coming to you? 

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